Monmouth Surgical

Endoscopy Consumables

Monmouth Surgical are proud to provide a huge range of Endoscopy Accessories to the NHS and Private Sector Hospitals/Clinics.

Our comprehensive range includes standard items such as Biopsy Forceps, Cleaning Brushes and Mouthguards as well as many unique and specialist items like the 360° Spray Catheter, the Latex Free Multiband Ligator and the PULL-THRU Endoscope Channel Cleaning System to name but a few.

Our product range is listed below and gives comprehensive information on many of our products. If you have any questions or would like to learn about our favourable pricing, please contact our Customer Services team on 01275 793000 or email them at


Endoscope Channel Cleaning Brushes

Monmouth Surgical’s comprehensive range of endoscope cleaning brushes offers unrivalled quality and..

Mouth Guards

Monmouth Surgical’s comprehensive range of disposable mouth guards includes the ‘Classic Style’ and..

Biopsy Forceps

Monmouth Surgical supplies an extensive range of single-use endoscope biopsy forceps. Manufactured..

Hot Biopsy Forceps

Monmouth Surgical’s full range of hot biopsy forceps are designed for use with all leading makers..

Biopsy Valves

Monmouth Surgical’s new range of single-use Biopsy Valves for use with Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon..

Flex-Ez Guidewires

Monmouth Surgical Flex-Ez Guide Wires incorporate a full-length safety core providing added strength...

Injection Needles

Monmouth’s endoscopic injection needles offer excellent control and ease of use every time. Manufactured..

Injection Needles - For Entroscopes

  • Stop mechanism in both directions
  • Unique blocking system prevents unintended..

Transbronchial Aspiration Needle

  • Outer Metal Sheath for enhanced puncture force
  • Exposed needle length – 12mm..

Multi-Action Snare Catheter

Monmouth`s new multi-action combined snare catheters save on the use of multiple instruments and multiple..

Rotatable Polypectomy Snares

Monmouth’s range of rotatable snares manufactured by Endoflex offer quality combined with superb value...

Single-Use Retrieval Forceps

Monmouth Surgical’s new range of single-use grasping forceps are available in a variety of jaw styles. ..

Polyp & Foreign Body Retrieval Device - 'Easy-Collect'

Monmouth`s new retrieval device, manufactured..

Endoscopy Retrieval Net

The new retrieval net available from Monmouth Surgical is designed to retrieve food bolus, polyps..

Retrieval Forceps

Monmouth Surgical’s single-use grasping forceps are available in either three or four prong varieties...

Extraction/Retrieval Baskets

The Monmouth Surgical extraction baskets manufactured by Endoflex have multiple applications, polyp..

Inflation/Deflation Systems

  • Inflation monitor features a luminescent gauge
  • Universal fittings adapt..

Over-the-Wire (OTW) Balloon Dilators

Flex-Ez Over the Wire (OTW) Balloon Dilators are manufactured from specially treated polyethylene..

Progressive Expansion Balloon Dilators

Monmouth are proud to introduce our new range of progressive over-the-wire Balloon Dilator, each with..

Achalasia Balloon Dilators

Monmouth Surgical’s Achalasia Balloon Dilators are manufactured from high strength specially treated..

Sengstaken Blakemore Tubes

The Monmouth LATEX FREE Sengstaken Blakemore tubes are..

Cytology Brushes

Monmouth Surgical’s single use Cytology Brushes offers the endoscopist the ideal combination of high..

Argon Beamer Probes

  • New Connector Type
  • Uses up to 50% less gas than other makes
  • Ceramic..

360° Spray Catheter

Monmouth Surgical’s popular precision designed and engineered spray catheter delivers a powerful 360°..

Protective Visors

Lightweight and comfortable, the frames are reusable and the lenses are disposable. Simply pull off a..

Disposable Aspirators

  • Sterile Packed
  • 25ml or 200ml

Suction Polyp Traps

  • 4 Filtered Traps to collect polyps
  • 4 open areas for straight suction
  • Individually..

Suction/Flushing Catheter

  • Luer Lock Connection
  • Sterile Packed
  • 1.8mm or 2.3mm diameter..

Gastro Napkins

  • Keeps floor clean
  • Absorbent soft fabric, with waterproof backing
  • Catch..

Colonoscopy/Modesty Shorts

  • Protects patient modesty
  • Triple Layer water resistant fabric
  • Bacteriostatic..

ERCP Cover Cloth

  • Triple Layer water resistant fabric
  • 4 clear plastic folders for safe storage..

Nitinol Oesophageal Stents

Monmouth Surgical’s new range of Nitinol Expanding Oesophageal Stents offer unrivalled..

Nitinol Colonic & Duodenal Stents

Monmouth Surgical’s new range of self expanding Nitinol Duodenal and Colonic Stents offer unrivalled..