Monmouth Surgical

Endoscopy Reusables

Whilst Monmouth recognise that it is of course best practice to use disposable items whenever possible, it is not always practical due to budgetry constraints or product development.

We therefore have a selection of reusable items that can be easily and effectively reprocessed as necessary.

SafeGuide™ Over the Wire Oesophageal Dilators

  • Calibrated with both American (from distal tip) and European (from maximum diameter) print
  • Spring tip guide wire contains..

M-Flex™ Autoclavable Mercury Free Bougies

  • Comparable weight and feel of traditional mercury-filled bougies
  • Calibrated with both American (from the distal tip) and..

Reusable Grasping Forceps

The Endo-Flex range of reusable grasping forceps, available exclusively from Monmouth Surgical, offers a grasper for almost every eventuality. Suitable..

Endoscopic Scissors

Designed for precise, non-aggressive micro-incisions.

Endoscopic Suture Punch

The reusable endoscopic suture punch available from Monmouth Surgical easily enables the cutting and subsequent removal of endoscopic sutures.

Cysto-Gastro Set

The Monmouth Cysto-Gastro-Sets are special devices to access and drain pancreatic pseudo cysts.

These devices are getting more and more popular,..