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Inflation/Deflation Systems

  • Inflation monitor features a luminescent gauge
  • Universal fittings adapt to all available dilators
  • Vacu-lok syringes maintain negative pressure and prevents syringe ‘blow-out’ with unique locking system
  • Single-Use to prevent cross-contamination
  • Self-adhesive traceability labels for easy tracking
  • No minimum order requirements

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Inflation-Deflation System

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Inflation Monitor


Inflation Monitor with Vacu-lok Syringe (as picture)


Pack of 5 Vacu-lok Syringes









  • Standard Luer Lock Fitting
  • All-in-one inflation system
  • Twist system easily creates high pressure
  • Easy to use
  • Single-use

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Inflation / Deflation Device

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340 800 INFL

Inflation Device