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Sengstaken Blakemore Tubes

The Monmouth LATEX FREE Sengstaken Blakemore tubes are extremely easy to use as all balloons have easy to operate one way valves meaning there are no more clumsy clamps to operate!

All tubes have a removable stylet to stiffen the tube catheter to assist in insertion. In addition suction holes are provided both above and below the balloons to enable drainage in the oesophagus and the stomach.

Type 42 is the standard tube available in three different sizes, 16fr, 18fr & 20fr. It has an oesophageal balloon and a gastric fixing balloon. The Type 53 has an extra balloon to enable pressure to be applied to the fundus of the stomach. Type 52 is as Type 53 without the oesophageal balloon.

  • All silicone – LATEX FREE
  • Three styles available



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Single-Use Sengstaken Blakemore Tubes (Type 42) – LATEX FREE

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  NHS Supply Chain

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Suction Ports

Gastric Balloon(s)

Oesophageal Balloon



18Fr (6.0mm)


Gastric Suction – 3 holes

Oesophageal Suction – 2 holes

Length 60mm

Length 140mm



20Fr (6.7mm)

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Sengstaken Blakemore Tubes